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3 Reasons Why Money Making Websites Are Only One Simple Page

money-magnetTypically, marketers believe that money making websites have to be large extravagant, complex, custom built websites with all the widgets and bells and whistles. However, that is not usually the case. If you were to ask any successful full time internet marketer, they would tell you that their first money making website was simple and probably only one page in total. This article gives you three reasons why money making websites are only one simple page and why yours should be too.

Start Your Online Business In One Day

The main reason money making websites are only one page is because of speed. You can put together a good money making site in under one day. There is no reason to start off fancy and elaborate. Just put something out there your prospects will appreciate. You’ll be surprised at the results. You can do this with various types of blog sites or even a simple squeeze page.

Ditch Your Webmaster

Once you enter the world of internet marketing, you’ll undoubtedly end up being your own webmaster. Simply put, you’ll be creating your main website and handle all the details with it. And nobody wants to manage a 29 page monster that is hard to navigate with hundreds of pictures and ridiculous details that nobody cares about. If you had a website like that built, then you’ll spend hundreds of dollars alone. Plus you’ll pay high hosting fees just to maintain the darn thing. Many times, with a site like that you’ll have little to no control over it. Since this is your business, you’ll want 100% control of it. And with your one page simple site, you will.

Create Multiple Streams Of Income

When you are able to produce money making websites quickly, it’ll be easier to create multiple streams of income. For example, you could be an affiliate in 7 different niches and have a good website set up for each niche in under a week. (That’s only if you spent around 30 minutes a day for 7 days). That’s how the big boys in the internet marketing world do it. It’s a proven model that works time and time again.

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