WordPress 101

Build and learn how to think about building a website with wordpress and best practices and tools for search engine and social media.

Assessment & Strategy

Where to start?

Whether just getting started, or whether you’ve already started, it is important to review your overall business, goals, and industry.

What we do

Sitting with our customers, in-person or via telephone or Skype, an in depth conversation reviews your business and online marketing goals. During this initial consultation, the more information you have readily available, the more quickly we can dive into the more creative aspect of the consultation. Here’s some examples of what to bring to the meeting:

  • A complete listing of any existing internet properties; websites, social media profiles, etc.
  • A list of competitor sites, identifying what you like and don’t like about each.
  • Marketing plans, marketing copy, mission statement, values, etc.
  • A spreadsheet file listing all of your products/services in column format. Minimum information required: Product ID, Product Name, Description, Category, Price.

Developing a Strategy

First, there are standard  best-practices that we adhere to with every customer. These best-practices are a necessary part of the foundation for internet marketing successfully.

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Content Development Strategy
  • Social Media Marketing

Book an Appointment

The first consultation (45 minutes) is on the house. Either use the booking calendar, or contact form below to arrange your first web consultation.

Please note: No written material or reports will be provided with the free consultation. Please advise if you would like a written report and pricing will be quoted upon an initial review.

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