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Build and learn how to think about building a website with wordpress and best practices and tools for search engine and social media.

Web Design & Online Marketing

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First things first

Marketing online can be done without a website, and there are ‘gurus’ who swear by it. I believe more is required, as every effort you put forth, you want to see an accruing resource and business base that brings increased profitability.

Web Design & Development

The cornerstone to your online marketing activities is your website. From there, all marketing activities reach out like tentacles to pull a wider and wider audience into your funnel. By wider, we mean ‘reach’ and not necessarily a watered down audience that is irrelevant.

With your website you will be able to:

  • manage and update your website content yourself, or contract us to maintain it
  • get people to sign-up for more information and regular communication
  • get people to buy or inquire further about your business and offerings
  • publish your content to social media profiles to help build rank and traffic to your site(s)

Online Marketing is forever

Many think that once a website is published and online their online marketing is complete. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Google needs food. Google has programs that run on the Internet, scouring every website and indexing, categorizing, and ranking the content on pages and sites to feed into their search engine. You use Google all the time. How do you get to page #1?

Ongoing online marketing

Activities for online marketing include but not limited to:

  • writing news releases and publishing them on news portals
  • writing informative and/or entertaining blog posts for your site
  • creating information or marketing videos for YouTube and your site and social media
  • engaging with your social media audience each day for a few minutes
  • plus, much more.

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