WordPress 101

Build and learn how to think about building a website with wordpress and best practices and tools for search engine and social media.


Lee Down, OMC Social Media SolutionsHello, my name is Lee Down. I’ve been involved with technology in my career since the mid-80’s, with more than a decade working on implementing large corporate project systems, and with more than a decade using and teaching technology for self-promotion and increasing efficiencies.

With the addition of Professional Career-Life Coaching in 2004, I began incorporating Business Coaching and web technology consulting into my practice in 2008.

With a demonstrated ability to leverage systems, many have wanted to know some of my tricks. I resisted initially, as is typical of anyone who has an edge, it’s something that is nice to have. Realizing a profound shift in the web’s introduction of social media, however, it is wiser to share this knowledge and increase a network than it is to hoard this knowledge.

Within this website, you will be able to access some free resources, social media site reviews, and in the paid-members area there will be other premium online training resources for you to leverage social media marketing and social media management.

For some, it will be about self-promotion and marketing online, and for others it will become a service offering where they can leverage social media and internet marketing to provide services to other people who are too busy to do the actual online housekeeping and social media management.

Whatever your choice, you will be greatly rewarded with insight, knowledge, and relationships that will be added as the site and social media continues to mature. In addition, we will create a community of like-minded entrepreneurs, social media managers, and social media advocates. This will create greater degrees of influence for anyone who participates fully.

To our social media successes, and working as a team.

Best wishes, Lee