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Social Media Marketing Realistically

crushed-head-acheWhen people say No, does it mean No?

Most often, it is the wrong timing, wrong circumstances.

Social media allows people to remain connected, without having to say No.

Your audience is not fighting you off with a stick, they’re following and keeping up to date (as it suits them), as to what you do with your site, if and only if, you’re keeping notices updated on Twitter and Facebook fan pages.

One day along the way, the timing changes, they convert; you make the sale, or receive the referral sale.

So know that the main focus of social media marketing is you’re filling a funnel, understanding that the stuff you put into the top, all comes out the bottom at its own pace and in its own timing.

The added benefits are the curiosity seekers, new followers, increased traffic, the potential hot new sales/leads, and maybe even some joint ventures, not to mention the new friendships and partnerships that will form.