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Month: March 2011

A Typical Day Social Media Promotions

Email Envelope on White backgroundWith coffee in hand I sit at my computer ready to tackle my incoming email and catch up on my social media spaces. Two tabs are open in my browser when it starts; one is Facebook, the other is my Gmail inbox.

Skimming my inbox, I quickly eliminate a host of emails that belong in the garbage and/or are spam. Others are set aside for general reading when time permits.

Having the email sorted and out of the way, I jump over to the Facebook tab in my web browser. No messages in my Facebook inbox, a few comments to reply to, post a good morning status, and I switch to my Fan Pages.

Responsible for multiple fan pages, I quickly jump from one to the other to post updates. Simple and clever posts using popular quotations that inspire, inform, or laugh, as much to topic of the crowd when necessary.

Back to my Gmail inbox, I click Reader in the menu at the top of the page. A new tab opens with my Google Reader. From here I can scan the RSS feeds I am subscribing to and see if there are any new and interesting stories I can use on my fan pages to share with my audience.

In addition, Google Reader has a share button too, which pushes the article I’ve found to my Google Buzz! and Google Profile. And I’ve also got it importing Google Reader shares to my Friendfeed account too, which selectively pushes updates to my Twitter account.

Some days, I will visit YouTube and click Like on videos I’m enjoying, knowing that I’ve set it up to post what I Like to my Facebook profile. Again, a semi-automated way to increase my social media activity to more than one space without having to do double the work.