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Month: August 2010

Dealing with Friend Requests on Facebook

phone-supportMy wall is already wide-open for everyone to see. It’s part of the game-plan. With business services, my artwork and writing, photography, and friends, not to mention clients, having my Wall accessible to visitors, and even open to their comments at times, permits a wider-reach and conversation for relationships to develop. This is why I keep it viewable.

Of course, being open online also comes with more friend requests, a growing network, and subsequently more requests of every kind to sift through daily.

I generally don’t act suddenly upon any friend requests, and I never distract myself from the routine. If I do an add, that’s at my initiative from the get-go. When I have to go through all my invites, that’s a chunk of time so I do everything then in one randomly scheduled sitting.

In the meantime, I get the chance to check people out more casually later, and if they have a closed wall and I don’t like the vibe, they don’t get in. There’s enough whack-jobs on the web, as you probably already know, that it doesn’t hurt to put some controls in place that simplifies your life, your time management, and your screening process.