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Month: June 2012

Web Hosting that turns the worst nightmare into a dream host

Worst nightmare: One of my sites got hacked.

Best outcome: My ass was saved.

Dreamhost Advert2This happened rather quickly, so within the first 12 hour period I’m alerted by my hosting service about the situation. They outline in their email what happened and the steps they have already taken to eliminate the attack. Included is a bunch of technical language telling me what I need to do to tighten security on the server. Fantastic.

Nightmare continues: Security is a technical *itch.

I still don’t know what to do. I’m reading their support wiki about all the security steps that can be taken. It’s over my head and full of jargon. I like my admin panels. I email them back letting them know I’m in over my head.

Dream Host Support: They not only tell, they do!

Another email comes back. They’ve taken further steps to eliminate some of the threats. It’s an exhaustive email, it takes me an hour of scanning and rescanning to absorb what I can. I discover all sorts of hidden things that were not visible to me before. I’m able to lock it back down.

Comment: Naysayers have a bad attitude.

Someone bitched about Dreamhost on Youtube the other day. Their gripe conflicts greatly with my experience. As you can see, their commitment to support is exemplary. While the responses don’t come immediately, seeing the amount of effort expended in the depth of material provided, plus the intermediary action-steps they’ve taken, it is understandable if the response comes in some hours later, or early the next day.

Love my Dreamhost. Nice to know a lifeguard is watching me swim over my head.

If you want hosting, you can get a great yearly rate allowing you to host unlimited domains. http://www.dreamhost.com/r.cgi?391391

*And using the link above, helps me with rewards for hosting my community arts sites, and safety sites. Thanks for the support.

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Social Media, Intimacy, and Creating Community

we-are-worldSocial Media, by nature, is not an intimate space. Considering the level of exposure that can occur online, however, it is realized that it can be a very vulnerable space, particularly if left untended. Our ability to be open and honest, in a way that communicates and connects with people on a more intimate level, the more we can manage how we are perceived by the online audience. Just because it is not an intimate space by nature, does not mean we cannot create a sense of intimacy.

Simple Translation:

Let the personality of the social media manager (or yourself) also engage your audience in personable and human ways – sharing common traits and interests that connect people. This intersperses the marketing messages, bringing the human relationship into the online space you manage, and becomes a more inviting and recognizable space as a community forms.


The caution here is to not overdo the marketing and selling. If all we do is push products and services, our relevance can become stale quickly, as people tire of seeing the same thing repeatedly. If you haven’t time to manage the space and contribute more than what you sell, spread your message out more over time. Don’t flood it repeatedly. This will help it remain fresh when it does appear.