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Facebook: Quieting the Noise of Your Home Feed for Large Friend Networks

Facebook-how-to-quiet-noise1Seeing your friend list grow to large numbers can be fun, exciting, and rewarding. It can also get very noisy! Viewing your HomeFeed, status updates, videos, photos, and links zip by at alarming rates of change, and you rarely get a full view of what is really going on in your own community. Here’s the good news: You can quiet the noise. And it doesn’t mean you have to ‘unfriend’ all those people in your network either.

Hovering your mouse over a friend, their profile box pops up. It lets you see that you’re friends or not, what friend list you have them on, and what kind of updates you want to see from them via the Subscribed feature. In fact, you can Unsubscribe completely — though I don’t recommend this action.

You’ll know who you want to see ALL Updates, MOST, or Only Important Updates. Choosing from these three options as your Home Feed passes your eyes, you’ll gradually clean up the noise on your Home Feed, allowing you to enjoy more from people closer to you, with less disruption from a lot of other – maybe self-promotional – updates.

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